Current Partners

The Center thanks the following sponsors: Katz Family Foundation, Wegner CPAs, Earthling Interactive, M3 Insurance and Scholz Nonprofit Law. Sponsorship includes technical assistance, training, and consultation for tenants and other nonprofits.

Inaugural Partners

The Center was formed thanks to the following partners: First Business Bank, Katz Family Foundation, Madison Gas and Electric, M3 Insurance, Wegner CPAs, Scholz Nonprofit Law, and Delta Properties.   


The Center is working with the Madison Commons, a project of the UW-Madison School of Journalism.

The Center partners with The Center for Community Stewardship by offering membership benefits to its projects.


Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) is a coalition of close to 70 nonprofits. With 45 years of experience in nonprofit collaboration, CSW has committed extensive internal resources to develop the Center for Change. CSW was the first social action fund in the country and remains one of the most successful.  Founded in 1971, CSW raises funds and visibility for organizations working to build a just and sustainable community.


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