We believe in the power of social capital, and the Center provides opportunities for creative, socially conscious innovators to connect.  Our goal is for the Center to become a destination for education and engagement.  The Center fosters the following:

  • Ease of collaboration on shared projects and mission, which is expected to produce new initiatives to benefit our community
  • Support of  established and emerging leaders
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Additional collaborations with the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Madison College, due to our central location

The Center is working with the Madison Commons, a project of the UW-Madison School of Journalism.

Madison Commons

CSW is partnering with the Madison Commons, a community-based journalism project within the UW-Madison School of Journalism.  To reach their goal of reporting on under-covered stories, Madison Commons recently launched a web site with a focus on transportation, food, and education.  Student editors and reporters form the backbone of the effort, with supplementary coverage from citizen journalists in both organizations and neighborhoods.  A three- or four-person editing/reporting team works with CSW and Center tenants, gathering contacts and leads for stories. Stories may be linked to Channel 3000, and some are covered on WISC-TV.

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