What Our Members Say:

“Trainings at the Center for Change have been a wonderful way to share knowledge, experience, and skills amongst non-profit groups in Madison. They're a great way to learn about opportunities, technologies, and methods for communication and marketing. The presenters are knowledgeable and helpful, but what's even better is the committed time and space for sharing knowledge among all of the member organizations at the table. The shared space at the Center for Change is a valuable way for non-profits to collaborate and take advantage of shared resources.”

                        --Bowen Close, Communications Director, REAP Food Group

“The Center for Change non-profit workshops have been tremendously valuable to me as a non-profit leader in the community. From fundraising to marketing and beyond, the workshop leaders provide excellent information and advice which we're using to improve our non-profit and our operations. In addition, my fellow attendees brought valuable insight from their own experiences and perspectives.  I'm looking forward to the next round of workshops!”

                 -- Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, RENEW Wisconsin

"As a newer employee at my nonprofit, the Center for Change training sessions provided me with a great way to make contacts, learn from experts, and share ideas with a diverse set of nonprofit practitioners."

               -- Hirum Wurf, Marketing Communications Manager, Cool Choices

“Holy Wisdom Monastery has enjoyed being a member of the Center for Change since we joined in 2013. I have attended several workshops, which are low in cost and high in value. The presenters are high quality and somewhat off the radar for who is typically presenting to the nonprofit audience in the Madison community. It's been wonderful to have follow-up with the presenters about marketing and development topics, usually at no additional cost, just to pick their brains and run through specific situations we face at Holy Wisdom Monastery.”

             -- Mike Sweitzer-BeckmanDirector of Development, Holy Wisdom Monastery

“Center for Change is an excellent resource for the Madison nonprofit community. I have attended a few training sessions, and have found each one to be a great opportunity to learn from experts, stay up-to-date with current research and trends, and find new ideas to use in my work.”

           -- Erin Sommerfeld, MLIS, Program Manager, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

“I was fortunate to discover a series of training sessions at the Center for Change that related to fundraising just as I joined a non-profit Board of Directors needing to raise money.  Every speaker was an expert on their topic and freely shared their experience with the group.  I also took advantage of the offer made by several instructors to meet one-on-one for a short consultation.  I shared information with my board and they authorized exploring the possibility of having one of these consultants meet with our entire board, if we could afford it.  Several met with me to share what they could offer and one highly-experienced consultant generously offered to meet pro bono with our Board of Directors.  The information has been extremely valuable to us.  We are thankful for this experience with the Center for Change.”

        -- Violet Moran, President, Madison Blues Society

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