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1:1 Consultation with Rebecca Krantz

  • 10/25/2012
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CDT)
  • Center for Change


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1:1 Consultation with Rebecca Krantz

Understanding and Managing Your Personal Triggers 


These individual 1:1 sessions will help you reflect on what gets in the way and how to make changes that will improve your organization’s major donor development program.  The focus will be on understanding and managing your personal triggers related to a major donor development.  "Major Donor Ask." Do these words make your stomach quiver? Do you know the theory of how to ask for money, but have trouble with the execution?  You're not alone. We all have personal experiences, stereotypes, and other issues related to money that sometimes inhibit us from reaching out to donors or prevent us from asking for what our organization needs.  Coach and Facilitator Rebecca Krantz will help you understand how these "triggers" operate, what yours are, and how to develop practices to transcend them.    These sessions will NOT provide you with a blueprint for developing a major donor program but rather provide you with the opportunity to reflect upon your triggers around major donor development or other leadership issues.


Rebecca Krantz has a PhD in Sociology from the UW-Madison, where she studied the social, psychological, and spiritual foundations of community participation and activism. She worked as executive director, facilitator, and community organizer for a non-profit coalition of neighborhood associations in Madison, and now works as a consultant and coach facilitating personal and group transformation in the service of social and environmental justice.   Becca is currently the Lead Organizer of CORE, Consulting for Organizational Reflection and Effectiveness. She is also a philanthropist, so has been on both sides of the fundraising relationship.

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