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Telling Your Organization's Story

  • 11/05/2012
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (CST)
  • Center for Change


Telling Your Organization's Story


(Event is Full. To be put on waiting list, please email shemling@communityshares.com)


What is your nonprofit’s brand story? What emotional benefit does your nonprofit brand offer its supporters? Is it a story they want to be part of?   Stories are what have connected human communities for thousands of years, since we began telling them around the fire. They connect us because they make us feel something. They deliver on emotional needs we have that often can’t be experienced in our everyday activities.  When chosen correctly, good brand stories can lead a nonprofit to internal alignment behind a core emotional need you are fulfilling. Nonprofits that can tap into the power of stories are more successful because people connect with them on an emotional level.

Tom Kuplic is a Brand Strategist with BrandGarten

Since completing his PhD in cultural studies, Tom has been keenly interested in the way people develop and use stories to give their lives more emotional meaning and stability in tumultuous times. After leaving academia, Tom has been working with nonprofits, ad agencies and companies of all sizes to connect their brand stories to people in our digital world.  Tom has over 12 years of online community management, social media, branding and email marketing experience. Tom obsesses over how nonprofits can better connect with a human emotional need or desire via a true and effective story.  His professional life allows him to learn about brain science, branding and timeless truths about storytelling, but there is nothing Tom prefers more than reading his son a good story every night before bed.


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